The Ladd’s 500 is happening on April 15th! Do something stupid!

zoobomb pdx portland

Zoobomb meets every Sunday night to ride the MAX elevator to the top of Washington Park and bomb crazy bikes down big hills.

Want to try it out? Meet at the Zoobomb Pyle at the corner of 13th and SW Burnside in Portland, Oregon at 8:30 PM on Sunday night with, a bike,  bike lights and a helmet (full-face preferred). We ride sun, rain, snow, or whatever. We have bikes you can borrow, or bring your own (regular bicycle, freakbike, or whatever). Those of us already at the Pyle will head up the hill at 9:00 so if you don’t know where we hang out on the hill you want to be there before then!

Check out our Special Events! page for cool new random shit we’re doing.

We don’t have a set schedule. Some people skip the Pyle and meet up with us later on the hill. We try to get 3-ish runs in a night as we feel like it. It’s all pretty casual, so plan on hanging out with everyone and we’ll have a good time.

Once you know our hangout spots you can find us up on the hill until late in the night every Sunday. Fun will be had. Bring your bike. Bring your friends!


Many images on this site (like the one above, and our header images) taken by: bikeportland.org! He’s amazing, and we love him!