Mini Bike Winter

It’s coming! February 17-19, 2017! Lots of fun events to look forward to. So get on your favorite bike, grab your friends, and get ready for insanity.

Wednesday 2/15:

7 PM – Craft and Movie Night at PAZ
-1625 SE Woodward

Thursday 2/16:

7 PM – Thursday Night Ride
Meet at Salmon Street Fountain

Friday 2/17:

9 PM – Dropout Ride
-Meet at Colonel Summers Park, (SE 20th and Belmont)

Saturday 2/18:

2PM – Freakbike Finals/Olympics
-Build and bring a Freakbike to Irving Park, (NE 7th and Fremont). Bike Games and Build Off!
Minibike/freakbike friendly rides to different locations ending at an outdoor party spot!
-Special Performance by The Sprockettes!

Sunday 2/19:

2PM Brunch
-The Booby Trap, (3005 SE 25th)
-Ride to Chariot Wars
Ben Hurt Chariot Wars
Rules and info are here!
9PM Tour De Bomb!
-Meet at the Pyle, SW 12th & Stark!
-Minibike, Skate, Freakbike, and Open Class (WITH PRIZES!)